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Working towards a cleaner world…

images 2 - Working towards a cleaner world...

Sustainable living is the key to creating a cleaner world and ensuring there is enough resources for the generations to come.  However, what does a sustainable life really ‘look’ like?  There are so many websites and books out there that can help paint this picture and we have found this one for you to start with:

This month is now known as “Plastic Free July” where there is an Australia wide focus on reducing the use of single-use plastics:

DEOSA Wholefoods is supporting this campaign by bringing attention to the ways we can make a difference.  We are doing our very best to limit the use of these plastics in our ordering and packing systems and we encourage you to continue buying wholefoods because this is an easy way to make a very big difference.  So many packets are needed to keep processed foods safe to eat that it is impossible to eliminate the packaging involved.  But if you can learn to cook the foods you love from scratch, not only will you be healthier but you will eliminate all of the plastics needed to package processed foods.  The big bonus is that foods made from scratch always taste better too!

Here @ DEOSA Wholefoods, we are committed to packing your ordered wholefoods in reusable glass bottles, natural paper bags and reusable polystyrene eskys that we get our cold items and broccoli delivered in from the farmers and markets.  Up until now, we have been using biodegradable plastic bags when needed but have since learnt that these bags, whilst they do indeed break down quickly (we’ve seen this with our own eyes), do still pose problems within our environment.  So we are now looking to move towards the use of calico/cotton drawstring bags to pack dry goods in.

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Did you know that you can give us your own jute or calico shopping bags and we will fill them with your Organic Wholefoods each week for you.  Just put your name on them and we will happily keep them safe for reuse the next time you shop with us.  We will still put your cold storage items in our reusable eskys but will use the jute and calico bags for your dry goods.  Better still, if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make your own bags from cotton clothing or sheets that have outlived their use in your life!

We thank you for working towards a cleaner world for all,

Sophie & Daniel