Our Farmers

DEOSA Family Farm…

Nestled in the hills of Nymboida, we have been growing as much of our own food as possible for the past 11 years.  With tender care and ‘happy’ labour from all family members, we produce over 100 different foods in our covered market gardens and orchards and are building our quantities up so that we can supply our customers with the freshest, organic food around.  We have used organic growing methods within a permaculture system since day one and are currently on the road to gaining Organic Certification.

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Fairweather Farm…

Is a Certified Organic 1154 acre property remotely situated in the mountains between Nymboida and Clouds Ck, with the nearest resident neighbour being approx. 26km away.  Heyden purchased the property in 2001 with the dream of eventually living self-sufficiently and growing organic vegetables commercially.  It all started in 2003 when moved to the property with no money, built a little timber cabin and joined OGA. With one shovel, poor soil, and a row of beans – the journey began.  13 years later and Fairweather Farm is a hub of activity.  Heyden and his wife, Eleanor, produce the highest quality certified organic produce that gets picked fresh one morning and delivered to you the next with a shelf life unlike any other!

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Figtrees Farms…

Operate from two bases, one at Inverell, NSW and one at Grafton, NSW.  “Wilton Park” is a magnificent property located on the banks of the Clarence River in Grafton. It is a Certified Organic 400 ha farm with alluvial loams and yellow podzolic clay soils and an annual rainfall of over 1000mm.  A primary goal at Wilton Park is to restore the natural ecosystem processes of the area. The restoration of Wilton Park includes the rehabilitation of the soil and several wetlands. It has been proudly owned by the Clinton Family for over 40 years and produces the most succulent and tasty beef you will ever eat.  Certified Organic Meat means Healthy soils and sustainable agriculture  = Healthy and happy animals = Healthier food for you!

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 Big River Organics…

Is a Certified Organic grower located in the beautiful Clarence Valley.  They produce the freshest, most vital winter greens and the best Springtime zucchinis.


Slater Farms…

Located in Casino, NSW, Slater Farms produces the best Rain-Fed Rice and Wheat using Bio-dynamic Methods.

Bio-dynamics is an advanced organic method in which no artificial fertilizers or chemical sprays are used.  Slater Farms use a range of methods including biological activator preparations to powerfully enliven soils and plants. The plant is seen in its overall context not just isolated in a piece of soil – the influences on the plant of the soil, the water in the soil and atmosphere, light and warmth, and the cosmos (sun, moon, planets and stars) are all considered. These factors are consciously balanced, allowing the plant to grow to its full potential in health and vitality, resulting in the most beautiful, tasty, health building food.

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Green Shovel Farm…

On the road to Armidale, nestled in the hills of Nymboida, Green Shovel Farm is a small-scale market garden run by Tommy Welham and Georgia Foster Eyles.  Georgia and Tommy have travelled a long path to get to where they are today and are now living their dream.  In their words:  “We are growing organic vegetables, herbs and flowers in our small-scale market garden, aiming to regenerate our soils and the ecosystems on the property with responsible and proactive land management”.  Georgia’s passion for nutrition and health drives them to develop their produce to be highly nutritious, and they are both committed to building local food security. Green Shovel Farm uses only organic inputs and techniques, with the aim to be Certified Organic within the next two years.


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Gary Frankel – Blueberry Grower

Situated on the hills of Sandy Beach, NSW, is the extensive setup of Gary Frankel, grower of the best Blueberries we’ve tasted!   Gary’s passion for the quality and purity of his product is testament to his commitment to Organic growing and the sustainability of farming practises.

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Stay tuned for more local growers due to be added soon….