Cheese – Goat’s Chevre Dusted with Ash 150g

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100% Product of Australia

Meredith Dairy Fresh Goat Cheese or Chevre is the most versatile of all cheeses. With the extra ash, it’s even more flavoured but still natural. It is perfect to spread on crackers, use on pizza, with pasta, salads, baked vegetables or tarts.  You can also use it in soufflés, cakes, flavoured breads or just on a crostini with smoked salmon. A great match with Semillon, Grenache or Sauvignon Blanc wines.

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Meredith Dairy is a family enterprise.  Processing a range of specialty cheese & yoghurts, their mission is to provide the conscious consumer with reasonably priced, excellent sheep and goat milk products made in a socially & environmentally responsible business, from milk produced according to leading standards of environmental management and animal husbandry.  Their farm is located in Meredith – Australia, and their products are sold world-wide.


Ingredients: Pasteurised Goats Milk, Salt, Ash, Cultures, Non-animal Rennet

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