Honey – RAW Clarence Valley – Coastal Flora

$18.70 per 1kg

*100% Raw, LOCAL  *Recieve $1.50 refund when you return your jar for a refill!

Produced here in the Clarence Valley, this award-winning COASTAL FLORA honey comes straight from the hive to you in a reusable glass jar.  It is only lightly strained so it maintains its health-promoting properties.  

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“Raw Honey” stands for honey as it exists in the beehive or honey that has been obtained from the hive by cold extraction, settling, or light straining.  Raw honey is not heated above 47 degrees Celsius during production or storage and is not pasteurized.  It ‘candies’ quickly and is characterized by fine textured crystals and has a milkier look to it.  It is solid at room temperature and contains particles of bee pollen, propolis and honeycomb, which all add to its health giving properties.  It has a delicate aroma and its yeasts and enzymes remain intact.

“Raw Honey”

  • Promotes Good Digestive Health
  • Has More Nutritional Value
  • Helps Predigest Starchy Foods
  • Has High Anti-oxidant Levels
  • Will Get Darker Gradually With Age But Stores Indefinitely

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Weight1000 g


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