Mackerel Fillets in Organic Olive Oil 200g

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*Wild & Sustainably Fished

Delicious fillets of sustainably caught Spanish Mackerel (Caballa de Andalucia). The combination of fresh fish and a top quality Organic Spanish Extra Virgin Olive oil results in a tender and exquisite product. Enjoy in salads, sandwiches, canapes, entrees and more.


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This quality Spanish Mackerel (Caballa de Andalucia) is preserved in one of the finest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils. The Mackerel is caught by local fisherman working in sustainably managed fisheries (FAO 37, 27 and 34).  Size grading nets are used to exclude the young Mackerel from the catch ensuring long term availability.

Once brought back to land the fresh Mackerel is prepared by hand using Spanish artisan skills.  The combination of using top quality fresh ingredients and traditional skills results in a product with outstanding flavour and texture. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Spanish Mackerel Fillets, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 35%, salt.


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