Milk – Pure Harvest Activated Almond Milk

$4.95 1L

*Certified Organic/Product of Australia

Gluten-free, Vegan, GMO-free, no cane sugar, no artificial colours or flavours.   This Organic Almond Milk is a full-flavoured,  non-dairy milk made from real organic activated almonds with no added sweetener.   The almonds are soaked in the traditional manner and by soaking the nut, it begins the germination process which helps to bring the nut ‘to life’.  Almond milk is a great addition to anyone’s diet.  It is delicious in hot drinks or smoothies and is a great alternative to cow’s milk on your granola.   It is carrageenan free.

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  • Filtered Water
  • Organic Activated Almonds (7%)
  • Organic Brown Rice
  • Sea Salt
  • Natural Almond Essence


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