Pasta – Spelt Instant Lasagne

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*Certified Organic//100% Australian Product

Made using the finest Australian ingredients, these Spelt Lasagne sheets are bronze cut and are a most delicious Artisan product.

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“Our passion is not just pasta, but the way it is made. We use traditional artisan methods in manufacturing to help retain the natural flavours and hence, taste. From our experience, we believe our reputation endures in the quality product we produce and the creator’s passion for a unique flavour. As a result, a perfect marriage exists between quality ingredients and creator know-how that values tradition. We support local organic farmers and environmental sustainability; almost 50% of the energy required to produce our pasta is generated by our solar panels. We hate waste, we love playing our part in supporting a sustainable world.”

                                                                                                                                                                       – Founders of  L’Abruzzese

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